Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

That's a great question and an important one for anyone who will be doing work on your house. The answer is YES we are licensed (lic # 2008006626) and fully insured.

I am pretty handy so why would I need to hire a handy man?

We have found that many are "handy" enough to handle certain projects around their home. We have gladly given free counsel and advice to many such people. But there are always those projects which seem easier than they really are. That's when you need someone who has been trained and/or done that type of work before. Of course there's also the issue of your time. We know how valuable it is and quite often it is just more expedient to hire us to help take care of your needs.

I just want to install a ceiling fan where a light already exists. Do I need a handy man for that?

There are many things to consider when installing a ceiling fan. One of the most important is whether or not the existing box is strong enough to hold the weight and movement of a ceiling fan. The electric is another consideration. It is best to have a professional install a ceiling fan and ABC has installed hundreds in many different types of applications.

Every time it rains my gutters just run over. What should I do?

Overflowing gutters should be taken care of immediately. Not only for the preservation of the soffit and facia surrounding the perimeter of your roof, but also for the preservation of your foundation. Believe it or not, overflowing gutters have been the cause of a lot of damage to homes and very costly repairs. ABC can get those gutters and downspouts cleaned, rehung as needed and the downspouts working as they should for a very reasonable price. We also install gutter guards so you never have to deal with it again. Click here for a video demonstration of our gutter guard system and then call us for a free quote today.

My faucet has a very slow drip. Is that something I really need to take care of?
You would be very surprised at how much that "little drip" is costing you. Many people don't realize how much water those drips add up to. The same with a toilet that leaks and refills frequently. The cost of having ABC come and make those repairs will be paid for many times over again in the savings on your water bill. Call us today.